I ran into problems when I was trying to hide a widget for a radio
button inside a z3c.form (or plone.z3cform):

ComponentLookupError: (
     (<PloneSite at /test>,
      <HTTPRequest, URL=http://localhost:9080/test/comment_form>,
      <example.z3cformtutorial.comment.CommentForm object at 0xe67e90c>,
      <zope.schema._bootstrapfields.Bool object at 0xbdf368c>,
      <RadioWidget 'form.widgets.mybool'>),
      <InterfaceClass zope.pagetemplate.interfaces.IPageTemplate>,

Full code: http://pastie.org/851816

I got a component error due to the missing hidden widget templates for
the radio button widget:


- There is only hidden widget templates registered for ``ITextWidget``
  and ``ISelectWidget``. We have to define more hidden widgets.

I would like to add the missing templates and registrations to the
z3c.form code. Though, I need to fix this for the 1.9 branch too.

I have the necessary permissions for the Zope SVN. Though, I'm not sure
about the best way to do this. Shall I start a branch of the existing
z3c.form 1.9 branch or fix this in the trunk and merge it into the 1.9
branch afterwards?

I would like to fix this as soon as possible, and also make a new
z3c.form 1.9.x release, if possible.

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