* 2010-03-03 20:41, Chris McDonough wrote:
> Why wouldn't that be worked out here?  Is it because you just want the
> mechanics of such a project done elsewhere without having to see it
> talked about on this maillist?  Or is it because you disagree that it
> should be done?  Or... what?

The main issue is related to the different use cases we have for the ZTK:
some people use (or want to use) the ZTK as a monolithic set of packages
that can be considered "somehow" the upgrade path from zope3 with the
exclusion of zope.app.* (if possible).

Others (like me and you, Chris) see the ZTK as a set of core packages
(mainly the bicycle repair kit, which is not the only self-contained subset
of useful packages though) plus a huge load of dependencies we are bringing
forward from the "old" zope3 releases.

Our points of view are totally different, and I suppose the first group of
people fear that fragmentation can influence the quality and stability of
the ZTK as a whole.

In my opinion, we can only gain defining explicitly the bicycle repair kit
if somebody is willing to maintain it (and I refer to documentation and
marketing stuff, not code because it is already very stable). If this
cannot be done with consensus on zope-dev, but a group of people is really
interested in it, I don't think it can be or should be stopped and, TBH, I
don't see how it can influence the ZTK.

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