On 2010-3-7 20:01, Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Christophe Combelles wrote:
>> I've added another buildbot that runs the ZTK tests against all the package
>> trunks: http://buildbot.afpy.org
>> This should allow to detect breakages earlier (before releasing packages) on 
>> the
>> different versions of Python.
>> The Python 3.1 slave is just there to remind us there's another task waiting 
>> ;)
> I'm not sure that testing ZTK against the package trunks is quite the
> right thing:  we have to be free to make changes to trunks while leaving
> the ZTK "known good" on older, stable versions:  otherwise we might as
> well[ be releasing a monolithic tarball.
> For instance, there were proposals to release zope.component 4.0, with a
> bunch of potentially incompatible architectural changes:  the ZTK would
> need to stick with older versions until after the whole set "caught up"
> with the new APIs / usage patterns.

Debian has fully automated that approach in its testing distribution. 
Perhaps something similar might be doable for the ZTK.


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