Marius Gedminas wrote:
> That is a curious observation.  I find it much easier to understand what
> virtualenv does and how it does it: the underlying model is simpler. 

How do I go from a checkout to a working system in virtualenv?
How do I lock down to particular versions with virtualenv?
Maybe that's the missing link for me... can you help me?

> Actually, now that I think about it more, a buildout would have one
> advantage over virtualenv: with a fixed versions.cfg your Zope 2
> installs won't start failing when somebody uploads a
> new-improved-and-incompatible version of zope.component into PyPI.

Right. This is a pretty crucial thing when it comes to Zope 2 and it's 
veritable constellation of eggs...

>> Yes, I'm much more for the latter, but when I tried to make that "the 
>> only way", someone whined, so I tried to stay neutral...
> There will always be people who whine :(

Yes, but Yuppie whines even louder than I do...


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