Tres Seaver wrote:
> I recommend virtualenv to anybody who just wants to install and run the
> Zope2 appserver, without needing to drink a lot of "kool-aid":

How do you get them using the set of eggs specified in the appropriate 
versions.cfg using this recommendation?

> Activate is a completely unnecessary attractive nuisacne:  I *never* use
> it, and I routinely see people who *do* use it end up running from
> different environments than the ones they think they are running.

Right, so how do I avoid it? Is that in your new Zope 2 docs?

> The self-contained mode is likely *perfect* for developers who produce a
> highly-customized bundle o Zope, 3rd party software, and custom code.
> It just isn't right as the "first choice" for somebody installing Zope
> for the first time.

I fail to see why not. It's a simple 2 step recipe for them:

- checkout
- run buildout

I was even going to wrap this up into a script, but I 
ran out of time...


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