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> Hi,
> I would like to present you the NEOPPOD project, aiming at improving ZODB
> Storage scalability. The implementation is in a rather good shape, although
> it
> fails at a few ZODB tests at the moment (they are currently being worked
> on).
> Scalability is achieved by distributing data over multiple servers
> (replication and load balancing) with the ability to extend/reduce cluster
> on-line.


A few questions that you may want to add in a FAQ.

  - NEO replaces FileStorage? Maybe typo?
  - What is the gain of using NEO over relstorage + mysql replication?
  - Why not include ZODB 3.10/Python 2.6 as a goal of the project?
    - I understand *today* the technologies use python 2.4 but
      ZODB 3.10/Plone 4/Zope 2.12 use python 2.6
  - NEO is a different protocol than ZEO?
  - What is the Blob story with NEO?
  - Any issues with 32bit vs 64bit
  - Backup/restore strategy of NEO

Other notes:
  - Maybe explain the goal of the project clearer:
    NEO provides distributed, redundant and transactional storage designed
    for petabytes of persistent (python?) objects.
  - A buildout for NEO would lower bar for evaluation
  - How do you plan on storing petabytes in a single MySQL server?  since
    that is the data structure backend for NEO?

Looking forward to reading the petrinet article - please send update when
it comes out.

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