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> The class you get from any ZCML directive is going to be the one from
> Five using the Five.bbb.AcquisitionBBB mix-in. It emulates enough of
> Acquisition without actually using it. You cannot opt-out of that bit
> of bbb support for the ZCML directives. At some stage it might make
> sense to allow this. But I'd only consider this if you could opt-out
> of all Five specific features for all browser directives at once. For
> now the little bit of extra mix-in doesn't hurt much and you'll hardly
> ever notice it. The change is described at

Thanks for the link. If legacy is as lightweight as with formlib then no  
problem at all.

> "here" vs. "context" is the most trivial of the differences and one
> could make that change. Since the two are simple aliases, it's easy
> and only tedious to do the switch. On its own it doesn't have much
> benefit though. But it's all the other things which are hard. For
> example there's no "restricted page template" story outside Zope 2.
> There's nothing to move to, except you decide to drop the support of
> this particular feature. But that's not something that is sensible to
> do for Zope 2. An application like Plone can make the decision to stop
> supporting TTW development in the long run. For Zope 2 that doesn't
> make any sense, as TTW development is what makes it Zope 2.

I must say how impressed I was at how easy it was to migrate my various  
small projects to 2.12. TTW is still required for legacy but I wonder how  
much of it is still out there? Any chance of splitting it out?

*ducks* knowing that someone is going to unleash the CMF's unbeatable  
"custom" skin argument. ;-)

> But my view on what makes sense for Zope 2 might always be biased as I  
> noted

Which is what the discussion is for and thanks for getting it stared.

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