I'm trying to update my application to use the recent patch that Tres
Seaver helpfully landed on zope.app.testing.

The new zope.app.testing seems to require a new zope.component, since
it's importing hooks from z.component rather than zope.site.

However, when I update zope.component, I get the following error from

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 15, in <module>
    from zope.component.zcml import PublicPermission, _checker, view, resource
ImportError: cannot import name PublicPermission

It appears that r83 of lp:zope.component moves PublicPermission from
zope.component.zcml to zope.component.security.

Now, my app is only using metaconfigure in this instance to get at
PublicPermission and view, so I might as well import them from
zope.component directly, solving my immediate problem.

However, this still leaves zope.app.component broken with new
zope.component releases.

I can't find the code for zope.app.component on Launchpad, but the fix
seems pretty simple – import PublicPermission from

It seems to me that zope.component is also broken, since moving
PublicPermission to a new module breaks backwards compatibility. I've
attached a patch that goes some way to fixing this.

More generally, I'm a bit worried that this attempt of mine to upgrade
the zope.testing that my app uses is going to result in a cascade of
dependency upgrades, each with their own little backwards
compatibility problems. What sort of expectations should I have? e.g.
Do the version numbers tell me anything about intended compatibility?

=== modified file 'src/zope/component/zcml.py'
--- src/zope/component/zcml.py	2010-04-06 03:01:29 +0000
+++ src/zope/component/zcml.py	2010-04-11 14:24:49 +0000
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
     from zope.component.security import _checker, proxify, protectedFactory, \
-    from zope.security.zcml import Permission
+    from zope.security.zcml import Permission, PublicPermission
 except ImportError:
     from zope.schema import TextLine as Permission

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