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Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

> Thanks Tres and Sidnei,
> My questions were intended to go to the list anyway.
> Can we take a branch from the launchpad mirror and bind it back
> directly at svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/ to commit?
> For instance, say I'm reviewing a bugfix proposed by someone that
> doesn't currently have access to svn.zope.org but added a
> merge-proposal to lp, can I branch it, bind it to
> svn+ssh://svn.zope.org and then commit?
> Wouldn't it be nice if it was possible?

It is possible, at least in theory.  I have tried that out on my local

 $ cd /tmp
 $ mkdir wibn
 $ cd wibn/
 $ svnadmin create svn-repo
 $ svn mkdir -m "Wouldn't it be nice?" file:///`pwd`/svn-repo/wibn
 $ svn mkdir -m "Wouldn't it be nice?" file:///`pwd`/svn-repo/wibn/trunk
 $ svn co file:///`pwd`/svn-repo/wibn/trunk svn-trunk
 $ cat > svn-trunk/nice.txt
 Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
 and we didn't have to wait so long?
 $ svn add svn-trunk/nice.txt
 $ svn commit -m "Sing."  svn-trunk/nice.txt
 $ mkdir bzr-repo
 $ bzr init-repo bzr-repo
 $ cd bzr-repo/
 $ bzr co file:///`cd .. && pwd`/svn-repo/wibn/trunk bzr-trunk
 $ bzr branch bzr-trunk non-commital
 $ cd non-commital/
 $ gvim nice.txt # add more lyrics
 $ bzr commit -m "Sing more."
 $ bzr push file:///`cd ../.. && pwd`/svn-repo/wibn/trunk
 $ cd ../../svn-trunk/
 $ svn up
 $ cat nice.txt  # see the changes

I'm not quite sure how it will work for pushing to SVN from a branch
made against the Launchpad mirror of SVN:  there are a few more possible
points of disconnection in that path.

Maybe Sidnei already works this way?

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