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> The trickier testing bits we would re-write as super thorough, no
> shortcuts-taken unit tests:  one testcase class per class (or API
> function) under test, at least one method per class-under-test method,
> with more preferred to get all code paths / preconditions covered.  The
> goal here would be to comment out the doctests from the test_suites and
> get the code to 100% coverage using pure unit tests.  Meanwhile, the
> doctests would be refactored into the Sphinx documentation, losing all
> the bits which obscure their intent as documentation.

I'm all for this but in the past I have struggled mightily (this could be  
an ironic use of the word ;-) with unit tests for views. Is this

1) Because I've overlooked something?

2) Because views depend on too many things, setting up test cases is a lot  
of work?

3) Because it's not been done a lot in the past?

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