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> I haven't seen a plausible reason why the fork should be necessary. It
> just uses some updated versions of packages (mostly bugfix releases)
> that would have been updated in the ZTK as well if people had bothered
> to update them.


I think that most people on this list are very aware of the work you have  
put into Zope and particularly your dedicated refactoring of the ZTK last  

It is, unfortunately, only too common on volunteer projects that people  
burn out or get frustrated when things do not go their way (for whatever  
reason). I do not recall all the discussions that led to your resignation  
in December and I'm not about to trawl through all the threads for it  
either. But I don't understand much of today's thread that seems  
technically vague but personally specific. FWIW this is a very poor  
strategy to win people over to your point of view.

You have not succeeded in making me aware of: 1) the issue and 2) a  
possible solution. Additionally to suggest that there has been no progress  
in this area over the last couple of months seems contrary to the facts.  
You have obviously a big, and possibly very justified, itch to scratch. Is  
it possible to present it less acrimoniously? If you succeed in  
monopolising the conversation we will be back where started.


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