Hello Christophe,

Looks great, tho I think it's a but too late to start again with
compatibility tests. Maybe this is something for a 3.4.2?
Also the versions in 3.4.1 were mostly picked conservatively.

Monday, May 17, 2010, 2:32:11 PM, you wrote:

CC> Le 17/05/2010 13:40, Adam GROSZER a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> It's available here:
>> http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1b2/index.html
>> Docs and changelog should be now up to date.
>> Schedule is to have a 3.4.1c1 on May 21th, final 3.4.1 on May 28th.

CC> thanks!

CC> Below is the list of available bugfix versions found by z3c.checkversions:

CC> $ wget http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1b2/versions.cfg

CC> $ checkversions -l 2 versions.cfg
CC> Checking buildout file versions.cfg
CC> zope.dottedname=3.4.6
CC> z3c.i18n=0.1.2
CC> zope.app.security=3.5.3
CC> zope.dublincore=3.4.3
CC> z3c.optionstorage=1.0.7
CC> z3c.formui=1.4.3
CC> z3c.pagelet=1.0.3
CC> zope.lifecycleevent=3.4.1
CC> zope.i18nmessageid=3.5.2
CC> zope.app.testing=3.4.5
CC> zope.minmax=1.1.2
CC> z3c.traverser=0.2.5
CC> z3c.layer=0.2.5
CC> zope.app.externaleditor=3.4.0-r81494
CC> z3c.formjs=0.4.1
CC> ClientForm=0.2.10
CC> zope.app.twisted=3.4.2
CC> zope.app.zapi=3.4.1
CC> setuptools=0.6.12
CC> mechanize=0.1.11
CC> zope.rdb=3.4.2
CC> zope.testbrowser=3.4.4
CC> zope.app.i18n=3.4.6
CC> RestrictedPython=3.5.2
CC> zc.resourcelibrary=1.0.2
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