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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Hi.
> I've started working some more on my pet project of refactoring Zope2
> - specifically to move all C code to external distributions. My
> working branch is at
> svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/main/Zope/branches/hannosch-dtml-vs-accesscontrol
> which also has a TODO.txt with some notes. On the branch
> DocumenTemplate imports from AccessControl but not the other way
> around.


> So in general I think this can be made to work. My current plan involves:
> - Move Shared.TaintedString to an external distribution. It's used
> both by DocumentTemplate and ZPublisher. Moving it into
> DocumentTemplate and have ZPublisher depend on it, sounds like a poor
> choice to me - a publisher shouldn't depend on a markup language. We
> could also move it into AccessControl as it's sort of a security
> feature.

+1 for putting it into AccessControl.

> - Move zExceptions to an external distribution. It's used from all
> over, but has no external dependencies on its own. Instead of just
> moving it out, I'd look at merging some of it into zope.exceptions.
> The two share a good deal of code like the exception formatter and
> common exception classes.

Sounds fine to me.  Maybe the new egg can be mostly BBB shims /
"impedance matching."

> - Move the ZMI parts of AccessControl into the App package. App
> already holds a good deal of general ZMI pages, so this seems a good
> fit. It basically makes App the zope.app of Zope2.

+1 for the generic "security tab" stuff.  I'm not so sure about anything
related to the userfolder, though, unless moving it is a huge win.  Hmm,
you must have wrestled with that already, no?

> There's a bunch of more minor stuff to work out and lots of awful test
> dependencies, but in general it looks good.

Yay again.

> If you have any feedback on the above, please shout - otherwise I'll
> continue as planned and time permits. Once this is finished and
> merged, ZCTextIndex holds the last bits of C code inside the Zope2
> distribution - there's multiple ways to deal with it: break it and
> HelpSys out or reuse the C code from zope.index. We can look at that
> later.

Before trying the latter, we need to triple check that the zope.index
stuff hasn't bitrotted, or lost / missed any features from the Z2 version.

BTW, making *all* the products seaparate eggs seems like a good plan to me.

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