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I've been slacking and forgot to post the summary of the first ZTK
release team meeting.

Here it is. I'll put it into SVN into the ztk-docs area as well.


ZTK meeting - 2010-05-06


ccomb, j-w, hannosch


- No fixed agenda, this is a kick-off meeting.



- We'll use the zope-dev mailing list for our discussions and no separate list

Our role

- We see ourselves as representatives of communities that make use of the ZTK
- We should ensure stable releases of the ZTK, which are useful to our projects
  not more and not less

Release outcome

- Should produce a http://download.zope.org/ztk/release/1.1 with a ztk.cfg in
  it and a the zopeapp.cfg (for as long as it exists) in it.
- Nice to have: an index (for easy_install people)
- Should have some documentation site stating changes

Release policies

- At first manual releases (x.y.Z), automate the process to generate the bugfix
  releases later. We need to make sure to release only versions sets for which
  all tests passed.

- ztk x.y.z. releases, stable package list per release

- a ztk minor release per month would be ok

- a ztk major release "when one of the consumers projects needs it".

- backward compatibility breaking only happens in X.y.z that means, if we have
  a zope.component 4.0.0, it will be part of ZTK 2.0 or 3.0

- generally upstream releases happen in a 6-12 month interval, so the same
  timeline makes sense for ZTK releases


- We want 64bit Linux and Windows tests for the ZTK. j-w is bugging janjaap to
  create those. Maybe contact ccomb for adding slaves to "afpy" [j-w]

- Make sure we have a buildbot testing the ZTK releases (and not SVN) [ccomb]

Open points

- Look at Tres's list of packages in all three frameworks, decide on a way to
  drop things from the initial ZTK set and on a process for the future.

- Look at and update http://docs.zope.org/zopetoolkit/about/coreextra.html for
  adding/removing policies, probably have a deprecated.cfg file

- Decide on process for new feature versions and the process for going from
  1.1.0 alpha to a final

Next meeting

2010-05-18, 14:00 to 15:00 UTC before the zope-dev meeting, in #zope
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