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> Hi all,

Hiya Joseph,

zope-db is a better list for this discussion.

> I have written a ZSQL method named ('getSummaryValue') for fetching the
> summary result from a table. Please see the following query.
> SecID
> ,SUM(CASE WHEN txnType IN('pi') THEN quantity ELSE 0 END) AS InitPos
> ,SUM(CASE WHEN txnType IN('pe') THEN quantity ELSE 0 END) AS EndPos
> FROM Txntemp
> WHERE  Txntemp.fileImportID =

> This ZSQL method takes a single parameter "seqID" of type "int"
> This  ZSQL method  script is called within a Python_script as follows
> context.getSummaryValue(seqID = SequenceID)

> the "SequenceID" is passed in as a request variable to the python  
> script. I
> have two sites one testing and another Live.

> In testing site the script does return value for the sequenceID passed  
> into it as a request variable.

> But while running in Live environment it doesn't return any value  for  
> the sequenceID passed into it as a request variable.
> But when the sequeneceID is hardcoded into the python script it does  
> return
> the details in LIVE.

I don't see seqID being used in the statement.

You can debug the call by passing in the src__=True parameter. This will  
allow you to see exactly what SQL is being sent to the database.

> Please help to resolve the issue. All help are really appreciated. Its
> really critical Please help.

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