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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
> > Tres Seaver wrote:
> > 
> >> I don't know yet -- I planned to look at the failure more closely, and
> >> figure out something that would work with the newer mechanize.
> > 
> > Just for your information, what we're doing is using wsgi_intercept, 
> > which hooks into zope.testbrowser, which uses mechanize. But I think we 
> > actually need more tests for it in zope.app.wsgi.
> > 
> > Anyway, let me know if you need any help on this.
> Basically, the new mechanize neither needs nor wants to have the
> '_http_upgrade_response' key lying around:  I fixed the zope.app.wsgi
> tests by removing it.  All the zopeapp tests now pass for me, with that
> one egg in development mode.
> If you (or some other Grok developer) can confirm that the zope.app.wsgi
> trunk still works for your tests, I will release a new version and bump
> the ZTK config to include it.

All groktoolkit grok tests (opposed to ecosphere tests) pass as well for
me with the fixed z.a.wsgi trunk in development mode.

The failures in groktoolkit ecosphere tests seem not to be related to
the change in z.a.wsgi but already happened before and for different

AFAICS the change is okay for grok packages. Thanks for fixing this!


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