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> Log message for revision 110723:
>  Switch doctests to use the stdlib ``doctest`` module.
>  o Disuse than the deprecated ``zope.testing.doctest`` variant.
>  Remove a duplicated import.
> Changed:
>  U   zope.app.testing/trunk/CHANGES.txt
>  U   zope.app.testing/trunk/src/zope/app/testing/functional.py
>  U   zope.app.testing/trunk/src/zope/app/testing/tests.py

The problem with this is that it just breaks tests that have accented
unicode characters.

zope.app.testing.functional.FunctionalDocFileSuite breaks, while
zope.testing.doctest.DocFileSuite works.
I don't remember what was the final decision on deprecating
zope.testing.doctest, but this definitely s*cks.


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