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> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> If the comments are valid, these all smell like process fouls:  a new
> third-dot release should not introduce backward incompatibilities.

Sure. These are all from late 2009 cut in the middle of the main
refactoring wave. We didn't have much of any process at that time and
everyone just cut releases. Zope 2.12 uses this awkward snapshot out
of the middle of the refactoring - it's one of the reasons I would
like to make 2.12 a rather short lived release and wrap up 2.13 soon
(more on that in a separate mail). The particular version set used by
Zope 2.12 isn't very maintainable.

> I see the following issues in the zope.app packages:
> In the non-zope.app packages:


Good analysis, a lot comes down to a new zope.publisher version and
the zope.login addition. Unfortunately Zope 2.12 uses zope.publisher
3.8.0 and 3.9.0 has a major refactoring of zope.app.publisher and the
creation of zope.browserpage, zope.browsermenu and
zope.browserresource amongst others. This change required some
non-trivial changes to Zope2 (Five) code to work, so we cannot upgrade
anything here.

I knew about this situation all along, just made it more explicit now.
Mainly to make it easier to check the outcome of the checkversions
script and filter out the "false positives". The list is so long, that
I didn't feel like retrospectively forcing sanity into all these
packages. Most of them have had many new feature releases in the
meantime, so it's hard to introduce policy compliant versions into
their version history.

> - - I cannot see that zope.traversing 3.7.2 introduced any incompatible
>  changes.

It adjusts test output to zope.publisher 3.9 where we use 3.8. The
tests don't run with the older 3.8 release.

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