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I am coordinating an effort to have a ZODB book written by one of our
Zope clan, Carlos de la Guardia. He has completed a recent book for
Packt publishing on Grok.  He showed interested in writing a ZODB book
if it were under Creative Commons.  I have set up a blog and focused
on behind-the-scenes coordination required to make the book happen.

We are now at a point where:

- There is an initial outline of topics to cover.
- There is a way to contribute financially on the ZODB Docs Blog
(through paypal).
- If you can contribute to the book with written material and
experience.  Let me know.  I will make a contributor on the blog and
you can post articles.  Carlos is more than happy to consolidate/pinch
material (and of course give the original author credit) and put it
into the final book.  One of the thoughts would be to write ZODB
mini-howtos/articles on the blog.  Some initial ideas: transaction
module (datamanagers, aftercommithook, etc), debugging scenarios (how
to debug a record being mutated accidentally), conflict resolution
(writing your own custom impl, btree bucket splits, etc), concurrency,
any benchmarking information you have, relstorage, writing your own
persistence format (keas.pbpersist?), or query strategies for ZODB.
There is a lot of material to cover in this book.
- There are also contribution/funding levels available which correlate
to recognition of your donation in the book.  That is right.  Give
money and you go down in history in the documentation *wink*

We will have a revised outline of the book by Monday evening from
Carlos.  If you want to contribute material to the Blog -- let me
know.  You have a channel to  voice your experience.

More information is on the blog and will be updated as more progress
is made. Again the blog is at, -- please
sign up and subscribe to the RSS feed.

I am open for any feedback.  I desperately want to get the larger
community support and feedback early as possible.  Please feel free to
send comments, concerns, criticisms.

alan runyan
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