On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 6:45 PM, Christian Theune <c...@gocept.com> wrote:
> So I'd like to open up the floor to everyone who ponders participating
> and express their wishes/hopes/expectations for the summit. Don't start
> your engines trying to solve any specific issue right now. Try to
> abstain from bikeshedding. Think of this as the preliminary
> brainstorming to figure out what we want to talk about at the summit.

Since nobody else wrote anything, I'll get started - feel free to skip
this, as it's gotten long :)

- Agree on a process for larger feature changes in "Zope". Things like
zope.publisher vs. WSGI, changes to zope.interface semantics, security
without proxies, the NoZCML movement, ... - we need to have a way to
talk about these in a structured way, document things, create
opportunities for feedback from various stakeholders and get a
definitive answer on whether we allow it or not. There's different
options for how exactly such a process might look like, but I think we
definitely need one.

- Recognize the weekly Zope-dev IRC meetings as an official voice of
the Zope community and declare our support for the decisions we make
in these. I think effectively that is what we have today, but it is
currently not spoken out. We might want to make sure that certain
important decisions do get a mailing list discussion, so that people
who cannot attend the meeting have an opportunity to provide their
feedback. This needs to be balanced carefully, so we don't get
open-ended bikesheds on the mailing lists.

- Try to find a way how we can communicate cool new things we do in
the various projects. planet.zope.org is currently a bit empty and
didn't even mention things like Grok and BB releases. Following the
developer mailing lists of each project costs too much time, so it's
currently extremely hard to know what others are working on inside the
Zope community. I think we share too little knowledge and experience
with each other. This could lead to ideas for further improvements and
changes to Zope. What lessons have people learned in building RESTful
interfaces, Web 2.0 UI's, what strategies on "decomposable UI" like
zope.contentprovided / zope.viewlet have actually worked or whatever.
The Zope packages have little to offer when it comes to "new" Web
technologies but arguably that's one of the main things they are used

I cannot think of anything else right now. There's always bikeshed
topics like Python 3, Subversion vs. DVCS but I don't think talking
about those at the current stage has much point.

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