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> - We need to deal with the fact that some projects in svn.zope.org are
>   likely abandoned and we need to deal with it. Initially we will start
>   annotating the repository policy report with 'last checkin time' and
>   'frequent committers' to allow everyone to scan through the rather
>   large report and check for projects that they are interested in.

I hope my recent survey could help this activity.

Please download and take a look for a first couple of files at this location.
URL:  http://www.retsu.info/files
File1: calc3CsvProjCommitterAcct.xlsx
File2: calc3CsvProjPatch.xlsx

The first Excel data shows you how 779 projects are patched by commit action.
Since one commit action could have several patch action against several 
different projects,
the number is counted based on patch(modify, add, rename, delete) action 
instead of commit.
This will help you to determine which projects are active and which are not 
active recently.

The second Excel data has the patch count per committer per project.
The patch count per project per committer is also available as you may find 
several worksheets in it.
This will help you to determine the maintainers for a specific project and how 
many patches the person committed.

Other two files, calc3.py and zopeSvnLog2.log.zip files are downloadable for 
the person who wants
to try to do it by oneself.  Just make a temporary directory, put these two 
files, unzip log file, 
run calc3.py with "./calc3.py" or "python calc3.py", open generated txt files 
with Excel or OpenOffice.org,
then sort/summarize/making chart etc within spreadsheets.

Just for your info:
* We(Me, Yuta, Ryosuke) have translated Philipp's "Web Component Development 
with Zope 3" book into Japanese.
First half was published last year, and later half was published a week ago.
* The last file on the download page, a zipped Excel files shows Zope 
developers world is growing continuously over past 14 years.
The code making activity is continuously growing.  Mailing list activity is 
also active though it was shrunk from the bubble.
This number is based on "commit", not "patch" since this does not concern 

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