A while back, I wrote collective.xmltestreport [1,2]. In short, it's a
wrapper around zope.testing's test runner that can produce output in
an XML format compatible with the xUnit family of testing tools. This
is useful for integrating with things like Hudson, which can parse
these kinds of files.

The problem is that changes in zope.testing/zope.testrunner keep
breaking collective.xmltestreport. At first, I was using "-x" as the
option to turn on XML output, before zope.testing took that option as
its own. Now, with version 3.10, it's broken again, because it's
trying to import zope.testing.testrunner, which is no longer there.

I wonder if it'd be a good idea to just merge this functionality into
zope.testrunner itself?

The problem is that in the short term, I probably won't have time to
look into it. I may, but there are a few other things that have to
take precedence. I was going to just leave it, but given that people
are working on zope.testing/zope.testrunner right now, I thought I'd
bring it up and see if there was any interest. I'd be happy to support
anyone who wants to attempt this, and in reality it's only a couple of
relatively small modules that need to be transposed into the codebase.
It'd need better (read: some) test coverage if it were to go into
zope.testrunner, though.

Is there interest in this kind of thing?


[1] http://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.xmltestreport
[2] http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/collective.xmltestreport/trunk
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