Hi Christophe,

Christophe Combelles wrote:

> Thanks for releasing 0.8.1. It seemed to fix it!
> However I have a weird problem: builders were all green, then I suddenly had 
> repeated failures with 0.8.1 on all the builders, then I've tried to launch 
> the 
> tests by myself directly in the builder, and tests passed, without changing 
> anything... Then if I relaunch the builder alone, tests pass:
> http://buildbot.afpy.org/bluebream/waterfall
> Is there a possibility that tests fail when several builders run at the same 
> time?

Yes, and I think for a strange reason: they took to much time (probably
because they share system resources and simply run slower each).

The problem here was, that in the test testrunners are run  and the
regular expressions matching their output did expect output of kind 

  "Total: ... 0 errors in N.NNN seconds"

and not:

  "Total: ... 0 errors in 1 minutes N.NNN seconds"

But that's what happened in buildbot runs: they took more than one
minute to run some subprocesses. On a real slow and old machine you
might be able to reproduce the error :-)

I think there is no need for special configuration or similar.

Instead, I fixed the regular expressions and fixed also some other
things, so that the next release should be okay (also with Python 2.7).

The changes are alreadey checked in, just had no time to do the actual
release. Please expect 0.8.2 this evening.

May I update the bluebream versions.cfg then as well? Until now Baiju
was friendly enough to do that (thanks for that!).

Sorry for the trouble! Hope, there will be less problems then.

Best regards,


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