On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 7:36 AM, Tim Hoffman <zutes...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been using zope.pagetemplate for quite some time within repoze.bfg
> projects and bobo (+zope.component) on google appengine
> (python 2.5.x).

Is there a reason why you don't use Chameleon? Since version 1.1 it
should be fully compatible with GAE.

It might be easier to switch to the new kid, instead of trying to make
the highly integrated zope.pagetemplate work for you.

> So now for my modest proposal,  do you think it would be feasible to move
> the restricted engine implementations out of zope.pagetemplate.engine and
> into some higher level package and provide a simple trusted engine that
> anyone can use (that supports metal as well)

At least Zope2 depends on this engine, so moving the engine out into a
zope.app.* package is not an option, it would have to be some new
zope.* package. I'm not sure what and how BlueBream and Grok use this.

> If people think this is a good idea, I am quite willing work on this (with
> guidance ;-), so thoughts, comments welcome.

I'd like to hear the reasons for not using Chameleon. To me that looks
like the better forward path and avoid lots of adjustments and a
lengthy migration period for zope.pagetemplate users.

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