Marius Gedminas wrote:
>> Has anyone seen this or anything similar before?
> Yes.  Basically, every Zope site I've upgraded to 2.12 has suffered from
> this.  Annoyingly this only happens with MSIE, so developers/admins tend
> not to notice.

...well, and Safari, but no-one uses that, right? ;-)

> Clarifying the "only with MSIE" comment: this happens if and only if
> the HTTP request doesn't explicitly include 'UTF-8' in Accept-Charset.

OK, but I'll ask this again; what has the present of an Accept-Charset 
header got to do with whether or not rending a page template to a 
unicode string succeeds? Surely, up to that point, it really shouldn't 
matter what the browser wants or doesn't want, we're just getting a 
unicode string ready from whatever data we have around, right?

>> Any solutions spring to mind?
> Magically sprinkle .encode() / .decode() in TAL expressions/Python
> scripts, where appropriate.

I want to get to the bottom of why the Accept-Charset header is getting 
involved at this point. Anyone able to point me at the code that does this?



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