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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I have noticed that now that we are almost exclusively using eggs to 
> distribute our software using "bin/instance run" has become difficult: 
> often the script you want to run is located inside an egg which makes to 
> path to it hard to predict. This is not the most user friendly command:
>    bin/instance run eggs/my.package-*/my/package/script.py
> If a user is using a shared egg directory from zc.buildout or something 
> else the egg can be anywhere on the filesystem, making it next to 
> impossible to explain to users.
> I am considering to modify bin/instance run to check if its first 
> argument is a filesystem path, and if not consider the argument to be a 
> dotted name of a callable which should be invoke. That way backwards 
> compatibility remains, but you can now also do this:
>    bin/instance run my.package.script.main

What about using something like the EntryPoint syntax:

 $ bin/instance run my.package.script:main

We could even add a new entry point class for it, and allow:

 $ bin/instance run egg:my.package#some_name

> I am not sure if this is best done in plone.recipe.zope2instance or 
> Zope2.Startup.zopectl. They have differing versions of ZopeCmd. Perhaps 
> the plone.recipe.zope2instance code should be merged into Zope2's 
> original as well?

I don't know anything about the code in plone.recipe.zope2instance.

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