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> > Please note that DTML is a dead (and horrid) technology.
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> > Martin
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> But zpt is horrible for doing non html/xml based things ;-), What do you
> think is good alternative in the zope eco system now
> for templating other types of things (sql, python ...) ?

I would use a templating system for things that are easy to template
(html/xml) and where more complex logic can be offloaded to a real
programming language like python (as zpt does).

Using a templating system for a programming language is I think a
different programming paradigm than zope's component architecture and
contrary to code reusage. With code generators like ArchGenXML or agx
you are able to create models for your software on a more abstract level
than based on templating, so I would not use templating but model-based
code generation instead.


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