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first post on this list since circa 2005… Hope you're doing well.

It's almost funny to see that there's still some debate on that subject.
Like most things in our industry it is kind of cyclic : 10 years ago TTW
was probably the new cool thing, then it became evil for lots of good

Two cents on that topic.

 1. nobody speaks exactly of the same thing while debating about TTW.
This is a bit true in particular in the discussion fragment cited below.
Besides, should I recall that conditions tend to be different in time,
space, and application ?

 2. Here's my attempt to obtain a correct statement taking 1. into account:
    """Given the current application management and hosting trends that
are all over the place in my country for the kind of industrial
installations I happen to maintain (mostly Zope 2 for now), I see that
some kind of really well controlled TTW customization is a need, more
than ever."""
Too bad if that's advocating TTW, heh.

Oops, that made a bigger second cent than I'd imagine.

Anyway, the problem is much more general than just TTW, and we could
speak of the nightmares of TTMail, TTUsbkey and TTBlindSysAdmin. I just
hope we can have a really well done DVCS integration at some point to
solve the big problem of tracking configuration, live emergency
patching. Ever heard of that ?
Eventually, I would be happy to code something like that, but since I'd
like to use it, It'd be in a context that not many people care about
(Zope 2.9 only, to begin with)


On 09/08/2010 01:32 PM, Kevin Gill wrote:
>> >
>> > The big, big problem with any kind of TTW development is that it usually
>> > breaks down badly when you move your code to a production server and then
>> > need to continue development in a separate environment. Code and
>> > configuration stored in a database is difficult to deploy and merge when
>> > the same database holds live data and content. The same problem exists 
>> > where
>> > more than one developer needs to collaborate. Without source files and
>> > source control, it's impossible to give each developer their own sandbox.
>> >
> These are all valid problems. I don't want to discuss them, because I am
> not advocating TTW. But I will point out that I worked around them all
> when doing TTW, e.g. APE allowed me to keep Code in SVN, multiple Zope

> instances allowed me to develop different branches, my data was in
> Postgres anyway etc.

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