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Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 10:36:15 AM, you wrote:

>> I made a small modification to zodbupdate that makes it quite faster.
>> Please give it a quick review.
>> svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/zodbupdate/branches/adamg-faster

SV>   I don't think your fix cover all cases.

SV>   Correct me if I am wrong, what you do is not unpickle class data pickle
SV>   unless the class_meta information pickle of that record changed, and
SV>   need update ?

SV>   However, that imply that this doesn't update anymore any class
SV>   reference that is not itself persistent (so is only in the
SV>   class data pickle) and not used by a persistent renamed-as-well class
SV>   (otherwise the change in the class_meta pickle would trigger
SV>   an update of this record).

SV>   If we want to make it faster, all I can see is pack the database
SV>   before, as it would contain less records to go through after. I am
SV>   not sure, that adding parallelism would help a lot, unless you have
SV>   the good hardware for, but we could make it to see (it is not that
SV>   difficult).

SV>   On which database size you want to make it faster ? I had 20Go
SV>   databases and it toke less than one hour, if I remember correctly.
SV>   It's long, but I don't see how to make it faster, in the code itself.

On the second look I guess you're right. It just needs to unpickle
I removed the branch, reliability goes over speed.

Would you make a release from the trunk? I added there some more

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