We've experienced some problems with the Transcience/SESSION system, where
KeyErrors can pop up for unknown reasons.

Therefore, I was thinking of writing/using a custom session system, which
doesn't do anything "magical", just stores it into some kind of database.

It would have to support multiple ZEO clients, and I'm thinking it should
also "respect" the transaction machinery, so that if something fails, the
changes are rolled back.

I've thought of different approaches, but right now, the best approach seems
to be a separate database file, in FileStorage, BSDDB or some such variant,
mounted at the point /session for example.

Then have 3 methods/functions which set, get and delete entries in the
storage as necessary.  Every user gets a unique cookie and corresponding
place in the database.

What's the recommended way to handle up to many, many small objects with
frequent writes?

Am I making unecessary work for me here, or could such a system be useful?

Has something like it been made before?  Is it better to test and fix
the Transcience/SESSION system?


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