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> Python 2.5 isn't even getting security fixes from Python devs now, which
> means that Debian users are holding more risk than they know (I strongly
> doubt the Debian packagers of Python are up for backporting all the
> potential security fixes in the 2.6 / 2.7 lines).

I understand that and I don't understand Debian's policy - maybe after  
they move to a better kernel (no, don't bite...) they'll start following a  
better release policy as well? But this was precisely the reason cited for  
keeping support for 2.5 in the ZTK > 1. I find this somewhat contradictory.

To the extent that there may well be people out there with existing  
servers that are dependent upon package management and, therefore, less  
likely to want to roll their own Python install, this makes sense. So +1  
on yuppie's initial suggestion for a 2.12 compatibility marking.

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