Alex Clark wrote:
> I want to add GenericSetup (GS) profiles outside Python packages (i.e.
> in the buildout via ZCML). Currently GenericSetup expects to be passed a
> context which is (I think) the old-style Zope 2 product object in the
> ZODB. But I can’t think of a reason why GS couldn’t be made to work sans
> that requirement (I’m just speculating though, I haven’t looked at the
> code yet).
> ---
> Should I bother checking out the Products.GenericSetup source code to
> see if something like this is possible?

Currently the ZCML directive expects a 'directory' relative to the 
package root. The implementation looks up the package in the context 
provided by zope.configuration. The directive only works if the 
'package' attribute of the context is not None.

AFAICS the path() method of the context could be used if package is 
None. The profile registry and all code using it should already work 
without specifying a 'product' if a full 'path' is set instead of a 
relative. ('product' is just an old name in the code. Could be any 
Python package.)

> I really, really, really, don't want to create a Python package just so
> I can save a couple settings in my (Plone) site.

Usually I need more site specific stuff than just a profile, so I can't 
see a big win.

Anyway: +1 for making the ZCML directive work if package is None

BTW: GenericSetup related questions are generally discussed on the 
Zope-CMF list.


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