Hi again!

Based on the discussion I modified my proposal:

- Products.Five.browser.decode should be marked as deprecated. It 
implements charset negotiation without making sure the 'Vary' header is 
set correctly. Fixing this will cause other caching issues.

- The setPageEncoding() function will not be replaced at all. We just 
rely on HTTPResponse.setBody() if the 'Content-Type' header is not set 
explicitly by the view. It is recommended to set 
default-zpublisher-encoding to utf-8. This is how plone.z3cform 
currently handles this.

- The processInputs() function is replaced by a HTTPRequest method 
called postProcessInputs(). This method first tries to decode with 
HTTPRequest.default_encoding. If that causes failures, it falls back to 
the encodings returned by getPreferredCharsets().

- Directly after traversal ZPublisher.Publish.publish() calls 
request.postProcessInputs() if the object implements 

If there are no objections I'll implement it that way on Zope trunk.


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