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Benji York wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 10:54 AM, Uli Fouquet <u...@gnufix.de> wrote:
> > - `assert` works like you would expect it to work in tests. No need
> >  to use `self.assertEqual()`` and friends (but you can if you prefer).
> How do they deal with the fact that assert statements are dropped when
> Python is run with -O?

I think they don't. You get a warning if you do and, of course, reports
might become useless.

On the other hand you have distributed-testing options (I haven't tried
yet) where you should be able to finetune the enviroments (yes, plural)
nicely in which your tests run.

It is said that distributed testing with py.test allows parallel usage
of several CPUs (if the machine has several CPUs), parallel testing on
remote machines and more. AFAICS you can also run the same tests with
different Python interpreters in parallel. In sum all that might give
better speedups than -O, but -- I haven't tried it yet.

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