I'm sorry, I don't really understand the current line of discussion yet.

I see a lot of discussion which part is going to be cut out and dropped,
or replaced. I haven't yet understood what's the end target for the

So, are you guys expecting to get Zope into a shape where it will
attract new users and be a viable player again? Or, isn't the line
currently that "nobody uses Zope for new projects anyway"?

In case that we believe that no new users are attracted to Zope,
wouldn't that mean that resources should go to make Zope into a shape
that helps existing applications run on Zope and survive? Modernize the
code, but break as little as possible in the process. As someone said,
what's the use for a company that has invested a lot of money in a Zope
Product, if there is something called "Zope" around, but they can't use
it without a major rewrite?

In case all these changes are made to make Zope again into a shiny new
framework that will attract new users, what's the use? Wouldn't people
go to pyramid anyway? There they have all that stuff already - but right

Looking at the descriptions here, in that line of thought and in the
long run we'll end up with something like pyramid in a few years, only
with a lot more disgruntled former users and much more confusion about
the name. When you change the name in the end, you've come full circle



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