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> On 10/17/2011 10:21 AM, Adam GROSZER wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Mon, 17 Oct 2011 10:08:55 -0400 you wrote:
>>> We've lost our discipline about keeping the daily tests passing.
>>> I think this is due to two factors:
>>> - - We are running tests for code that nobody is actively
>>> maintaining (e.g., all the 'z3c.*' packages which have been
>>> broken for months).
>> If you mean the failures on windowze, I think most of them fail on
>> lxml not having windows egg :-S, someone should kick Sidnei(???)
> If the z3c.* packages are being maintained, but not by folks who can
> resolve that issue on Windows, then we should do the testing on a
> platform where the maintainers *can* get the tests to pass.  Having
> the board stay red destroys its value for *everybody*, including those
> who don't need or care about those packages.
>>> - - Because of the noise of those failures, we've gotten
>>> complacent about seeing multiple failures in the daily test
>>> report, and thus quit trying to find and fix "new" failures in
>>> code which is maintained.
>>> I would like to propose that we quit reporting test failures for
>>> the unmaintained packages ('zc3.*', for a start.  If somebody
>>> really thinks there is value in such testing, we could perhaps
>>> run those tests only weekly (like the others which have
>>> "expected" failures).
>> If it's about suppressing the *reporting* then suppress that, not
>> the test runs please. Just in case someone wants to maintain a
>> package ;-)
> Why waste any resources on tests if nobody is going to find and fix
> failures?

Aber hallo, z3c.form is in there. I do *not* think that's not maintained.
Actually I *know* what's the problem, just can't solve it.

Keeping the tests running is like having the *positive* attitude instead 
of the dark "I don't care".

Best regards,
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Drama often obscures the real issues
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