Hey all.. the shared login for wiki.zope.org editing has been discovered by a 
spammer, so I've changed the password. The 
login is now zope, edit0r. See the message below for more context.


In 2011/05 I wrote:
 > Dear all,
 > edit spam across the wiki.zope.org wikis, gradually increasing over
 > the years, has reached multiple incidents per day, multiple days per
 > month. Current cleanup procedures take too much time (and are not 100%
 > thorough - spam remains in history) and I don't want to spend time
 > developing cleverer defenses. Therefore, from today making changes on
 > any of the wiki.zope.org wikis requires authentication (a zwiki
 > username cookie is no longer enough.)
 > This marks the transition of our wikis from those early, lowest-
 > possible-barrier-to-entry wiki days, to the modern era of mandatory
 > access control. :-/
 > Since there is no member management software in place to allow you to
 > self-register, to get a login you'll need to either
 > - - ask an admin to make one for you. The current wiki.zope.org admin
 > users are: Simon Michael, Andreas Jung, Baiju Muthukadan, Sascha
 > Welter, Michael Haubenwallner, Fred Drake, Jim Fulton, Ken Manheimer,
 > Kevin Teague.
 > - - use this generic login: zope, zope. The downside of using this a lot
 > is that edit history will become less useful.
 > Also, on wikis using the default skin (all but the zope3 wiki), to
 > trigger a login prompt you'll need to manually visit some restricted
 > url. Eg append /editform to any page, like so:
 > http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/Zope2Wiki/editform
 > I hope this will stop the spam, and not inconvenience editors too
 > much. Please let me know if you have authenticated and still can't edit.
 > If you are interested in improving this setup, doing any other
 > maintenance of the zope wikis, or taking over as zope wiki czar -
 > please step forward! I'd be happy to mentor and provide all needed
 > support.
 > Best,
 > - -Simon

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