I'm trying to port my app for the WSGI-Publisher of Zope2.13. It it 
seems that zpublisher_exception_hook (which searches then for 
'standard_error_msg' inside the Acquistion-chain) or reponse.exception 
are *not* called anymore to render a suitable exception.

Is this intentionally? I have seen at various guides in the web, that a 
middleware like WebError is used to render good error pages.
However current middlewares, like WebError, are optimized to for WEB and 
XML-RPC. Unfortunately my application needs to handle different 
protocols like SOAP or proprietary protocols using a XML dialect.
Up to now I'm (ab)using the old mechanism to render errors, according to 
the incoming protocol.

What is the recommendation in the long run here. Is it planned for 
Zope2.13 or Zope4 to support the old mechanism, then I'm ready to 
contribute. Or should I concentrate to write custom WSGI-middlewares, to 
do the error rendering.


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