* Chris McDonough <chr...@plope.com> [2011-12-18 03:57]:
> Is zope.server still largely used by e.g. bluebream, grok, and other
> zope 3 apps?  Or do people tend to use other WSGI servers instead?

We're using zope.server on several Zope 3 projects (that were begun
before grok or WSGI or anythin existed ;), and it's *ahem* serving us
just fine, no hiccups, no nothing, just doing its job.

(We, too, see the occasional "broken pipe" error in our logs like Marius
mentioned, I think that's due to requests that were aborted client-side,
thus more an annoyance than anything.)

On the other hand, we still haven't found a WSGI server we're happy with
for deployment (as opposed to development). Paster has been known to
randomly die on us (yup, I've only got anecdotes and nothing hard and
fast, sorry), and the whole area of daemon management, logging,
logrotation and so forth (not to mention buildout integration) seems not
as advanced as we've come to know. What do people use here, what are
your experiences and ideas?


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