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* David Glick<davidgl...@groundwire.org>  [2012-02-19 22:56]:
On 2/16/12 11:55 PM, Adam GROSZER wrote:
So you say that if I add
             'zest.releaser.releaser.after_checkout': [
                 'zest_pocompile = zest.pocompile.compile:compile_in_tag',

to z3c.form's setup.py fullrelease will take care of the po files?

You'll have to experiment -- the suggestion was based on what I've heard, not
personal experience with zest.releaser.

The entrypoint looks sound at first glance, but what I'm wondering (and
rather doubting, in fact) is whether zest.releaser includes the package
it currently is releasing to its PYTHONPATH. But yeah, as David said,
you'll probably need to fiddle around with this a little.

There is no need to add an entry point. That is only needed in the setup.py of zest.pocompile itself. You should just make sure that zest.pocompile is installed in the same environment as zest.releaser. In my case I have a central buildout with some tools and have this as buildout part:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =

I think what makes this work is that zest.pocompile is included in the path in the generated fullrelease script, but maybe they just both need to be easy_installed/pipped; I don't remember from the top of my head how those setuptools entry points work.

What you need in your own package is a properly configured MANIFEST.in file. See some examples on PyPI:

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