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On 18/08/2012 09:39, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Legally this must be a fork then and I'm not sure it can be released as 
official Zope Foundation software anymore if you make releases from GitHub. 
Reason: the ZF can no longer ascertain that only official ZF contributor 
agreement signers have modified code in the package,

Actually, with the cryptographically signed nature of git commits, I'm not sure this is true...

which is a core requirement for software released from Zope Foundation 
repositories/under Zope Foundation auspices.

Well, I guess releases would be made outside of these auspices then, whatever that means... The license looks the same, the same people are doing the development.

Quite frankly, given the hard time we have getting people to help out, anything that eases that can only be a good thing. Chris McDonough and the rest of the Pyramid folk seem happy enough with the GitHub model, and I've found it's made life very much easier for the python-excel project and the other packages I maintain.

Apart from those legal points which are still not entirely clear, since this can only be 
a fork I would say that last checkin must still be reverted. Don't get me wrong, I'm not 
trying to be facetious, but until those legal questions are cleared up you should not 
make any checkins on svn.zope.org that basically "shut down" development of 
that package from there, such as deleting the trunk.

No history has been destroyed, it's just a clear marker of where active development is happening. That said, I don't have a strong opinion on this, I'd suggest Jim just makes the call...



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