I recently find out I had a memory leak in Silva, with Python 2.7. After 
playing a while with various tools (objgraph is nice), I found out I leaked 
between two and three objects at every request:

   - an AccessControl.SecurityManagement.SecurityContext instance,

   - two bound methods to ZopeSecurityPolicy.validate and 

    Of course, those leaks disappears as soon as I use the Python 
implementation for the security instead of the one in C. And I have tested it 
as well with various older versions of AccessControl, and have the same 

    Looking closely at the code, I see that those objects are used internally 
by the SecurityManager. The SecurityManager is implemented in C, using the 
facilities provided by ExtensionClass. The SecurityManager properly implement 
the method dealloc, and it is correctly called. However, since it holds objects 
managed by the Python garbage collector (namely one called context that is an 
instance of  AccessControl.SecurityManagement.SecurityContext, one called 
policy, that is an instance of ZopeSecurityPolicy, and a two last ones that are 
the bound methods ZopeSecurityPolicy.validate and 
ZopeSecurityPolicy.checkPermission), it should implements the tp_traverse 
method, but it doesn't. This is not done because ExtensionClass uses the slot 
for tp_traverse to store something else (namely what goes in tp_methods later).

    In a local checkout of AccessControl, I converted the SecurityManager C 
code not to rely on ExtensionClass anymore, but use the 'new object' C API, 
that is mostly equivalent to ExtensionClass, and implemented the tp_traverse 
method. This fixed my memory leak.

   I propose you to commit my code in a branch, and after review to merge it 
with the branch 2.13 and the trunk of AccessControl.

   I don't see any argument against not using ExtensionClass anymore for 
SecurityManager, and it might be possible to convert some other classes to the 
'new object' C API too. I can have a look at it.



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