Am 14.11.2012, 16:26 Uhr, schrieb Hanno Schlichting <>:

The change looks ok. But I think you broke an optimization. IIRC the code
compares the old and new values for the index, and skips the indexing step if they are the same. The typical item.reindexObject() call sents data for
all indexes, even if just one or two them have changed. The optimization
made sure to skip any extra work, if there wasn't really any change for the text index. Without that check, you end up updating and writing a bunch of internal data structures in the text index every time. Those lead to slower
write performance and more conflict errors.
Could you have another look, and see if you can preserve the optimization?

Could we also have a clean up with a specific exception in the try: except: clause? I assume we're expecting an AttributeError?

And move filter to a generator expression / list comprehension? I could say for Python 3 compatibility but that doesn't matter so much as there is no easy way for the isinstance(t, basestring)

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