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> On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Jens Vagelpohl <j...@dataflake.org>
> wrote:
> > I did not choose to include or exclude any branch. The test migration
> uses the package used to migrate most Plone packages from SVN to GitHub,
> which uses svn2git underneath. If there's whole branches missing the
> migration has obviously failed.
> I had a bunch of problems with ZODB and the ruby svn2git.

If you used a ruby tool, then you didn't use the same one as the Plone
migrations. Unfortunately there's at least two different tools named
svn2git. The one used by the Plone migrations is from the KDE community and
written in Qt. Some of the more useful info is at

That tool doesn't really use git-svn. Instead it scan through all SVN
revisions, looks at the changed paths and matches those against a ruleset.
So you can tell it that both /foo/bar/trunk and /bar/trunk contain code
that goes into the final bar.git repo. Since you can manually influence
these rules, this tool tends to work better on projects which have moved
their location in SVN a lot. It also does a single scan through the entire
SVN repo and is able to generate many resulting git projects at once. Which
made it perfect for a mass-migration.

git-svn or tools based on it, tend to work well on small projects that
always stayed in the same place, with the same structure.

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