On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 05:04:26 PM Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Contrary to wait I said before I'd be willing to work on a ZTK 2.0
> release (knowing the tools and procedure).

Could you outline what the first step would be to create an alpha release list 
for 2.0? We could manually include an sdist of the ZODB 4 py3 branch to make 
the tests pass under Python 3.

Is anyone here willing to start a buildbot using Python 3.3 to test the ZTK?

> My goals for a 2.0 release would be (comparing to
> http://docs.zope.org/zopetoolkit/releases/overview-1.1.html):


> - Drop support for Python 2.5 (ZTK 1.1 still supports that)

Yeah, none of the 4.0 packages do.

> - Add support for Python 3.x (either 3.3 or 3.2 and 3.3)

Since I was unwilling to change all u'...' to u('...'), most packages 
currently only have Python 3.3 support. By the time ZTK 2.0 will be released, 
I think most people will have switched to Python 3.3.

> - Drop all zope.app packages from the KGS (most were deprecated in ZTK 1.1)

Some of the zope.app packages (the ones not deprecated) should stay or simply 
be renamed to not being called zope.app.*.

> - Update to buildout 2

Yep, already done for all 4.0 packages.

> - Update to ZODB 4

This will be a requirement for Py3 support or is anyone willing to backport 
all the changes to ZODB3? :-)

We will also need to add a few packages, such as BTrees, persistent, 
transaction, etc. and deprecate/remove some others like zope.broken, 
zope.untrustedpython, zope.fixers, and zope.apidoc.

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