The bug was that the included did not work.

If you use the from the zam.demo svn directory it does not

I used a more recent copied from my ztfy directory, thank
You Thierry, and it starts fine.  It looks gorgeous.  Thanks
to all the authors who put in all that hard work.  srichter, icemac,
rogerineichen et al.

I presume that this is the right place to report that bug.  And the fix!

You can take a look at zam.demo running at

Password: password

Here is the high level zam.demo documentation which I am updating.

And here is a copy of the low level file system documentation

That is easier to access than digging through the file system.

ZAM provides a large part of what I need for a TTW development
environment.  Sadly its navigation view, the one that should implement
listing objects in a folder, adding, renaming, deleting, and exporting
them has not been implemented. The page template file in is
empty.   For that functionality I can use ZMI.  So I need to first get
ZMI working with ZAM, and then copy over some of the ZMI source code to

It is not so easy.   ZAM uses an older release of ZTK, from two years
ago.  Specifically it uses a different version of ZCA interface than
ZTFY uses. So I cannot add zam.demo to ZTFY.  Going the other way,  ZAM
does not have a file.  How is that possible?  I thought did a whole bunch of important things.   Do I go ahead and
update the buildout.cfg file with the zmi? , or do I redo the zam.demo 
scripts to use a file?

What I really need to do is hire a senior ztk developer to provide me with high 
level guidance.

Anyone interested?


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