On 5/8/13 3:30 AM, Dave Cahill wrote:  on the zope-3 mailing lists.
> Hi,
> I was using the export_tree method in zc.zk to dump a zookeeper tree today,
> and some nodes which have no data had garbage data dumped instead of an
> empty string. I think this is an issue in the underlying zookeeper library,
> but there is a simple patch to avoid the issue (attached), so if possible
> it would be nice to see it added in zc.zk.
> Here's a link to the patch in case attachements aren't allowed on the list:
> https://gist.github.com/davecahill/5539050
> I'm new here, so if I should be posting on one of the the other Zope lists,
> please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Dave.

A quick google search shows that zookeeper is an apache tool for keeping
apache server configuration information.

I think this post belongs on zope-dev, so I am reposting it for the
author, along with a brief answer to his questions on mailing lists.

Nice to see people working on this stuff.

The mailing lists and the names are in a bit of a confusion.

The zope-3 mailing list has been dead as long as I can remember.

zope-dev is for people building the core libraries.  As such I think
that your patch qualifies for a posting on that list.  So I copied it to

yahoo has several zope mailing lists.  The spanish and Portuguese lists
are strong.  For reasons I cannot understand, I am not able to post on
the english list, z...@yahoogroups.com, and the
error message mentions egroups, they got bought out by yahoo 10 years
ago, I suspect that the admin for the yahoo groups mailing list is
retired without replacement.

there is the bluebream mailing list, but since there is no bluebream
release currently available, that seems quite dead.

And of course the zope-dev mailing list keeps getting the zope-tests
results, which is short term information, and thus pollutes the
long term archives and gets copied  to the yahoo mailing lists making it
hard to find useful information.

Rather than just complaining, let me make my suggestions.

I would love to see a zope-tests mailing lists.  That way the people who
want that information can get it.   And those of us who don't dont. 

And then zope-dev could be for the core zope devlopers.

And it would be great to see ztk-usrs mailing list.

I have asked Thierrry for a ztfy mailing list.  I think  that will
happen.  In the meantime,  I have put up a zopache mailing list for
those who are interested in
ztk being used TTW (Through The Web)..


Hope that helps. 



please let me know.


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