On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 9:12 PM, Dave Cahill <dcah...@midokura.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for the response and advice.
> My use case is purely export / dump (including ephemeral nodes) and load - I
> looked at kazoo, but it didn't seem to provide that functionality, where
> zc.zk did.
> Do you know where the dump/load functionality would fit in future plans? Or
> if there's a better option for dump and load? I tried a few options
> (zktreeutil crashed due to long strings, guano had issues with long file
> names etc).

I consider import and export of the tree models a core feature that
will be ported to zk.service.

Keep in mind though that it isn't intended as a general-purpose
ZooKeeper export/import facility.  I think if you want to export and
import arbitrary ZooKeeper data, written by any application, I'd
recommend writing something simple that exports and imports to
something like marshal, pickle, or json.  Writing such a tool should
take a few minutes, not count tests,
which brings it up to a few hours. ;)

>> Maybe.  Not sure nodes with spaces in the names is a good idea.

This is particularly in the context of zc.zk's service model.

> You're right that as a client, putting spaces in node names is not a great
> idea because many tools don't handle them. But I figure if the client has
> already written nodes with spaces to Zookeeper, the dump tool should dump
> them that way instead of failing.

Perhaps.  Again, if you want a dump tool that losslessly dumps and
loads arbitrary
node data, I would use something simpler and less focused than zc.zk's
export/import format.


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