On 5/21/13 11:57 PM, Andreas Jung wrote:
> What have you done so far and what did you contribute
> so far?
I have downloaded and installed ZTFY, and given Thierry lots of feedback.
Perhaps I even changed his direction more towards wikis as a ZTFY
application, instead of blogs.
We will see what happens.  That is a marketing activity, not a software
development activity, on my part.

I have created most of

Documenting open source software is a great way to understand it.

I have created a high level introduction into the the packages in ZTK

I have figured out the market niche for ZTFY.  Sure it is a blog and
CMS.  But there are many of those.
It is an extensible blog and CMS.  Because it is based on ZCA, it is
more flexible than existing CMS.  If Plone meets your needs, perfect,
use it.
But if you find Plone not sufficiently flexible, then it makes sense to
move to ZTFY.

The announcement is ready to go out.

Over the last two weeks, I have persuaded a developer to use ZTFY as his
content management application server for javascript applications.

That makes him the third user of ztfy.  And I tell you the first few
users are by far the hardest ones to get.
The rest come much faster.

I helped him through the blue bream hello world demo.  Actually I
figured out the bug in the tutorial.

I have contracted out the first release of Zopache

That page also covers the detailed ongoing Specs of what I am building.

And my consultant has downloaded and installed ztfy, and given Thierry
his feedback.
Which makes the consultant the 4th user of ztfy.

I have been encouraging others to post on these mailing lists, and I
have been answering questions on the mailing lists.

And finally, with your help, we have made this mailing list much
livelier.  All good.

But really your question of what I have contributed so far is quite
hostile.  If we want new users
for ZTK, we should be much more friendly to people on these mailing lists.

In fact the new ZTFY user posted on these mailing lists, I sent him a
nice warm reply, soon we were talking, and now he is both committed
to ZTFY and understands why it is the best choice in the market for his

I totally understand that there is way too much work to be done here. 
That is why I am looking for consultants to contract it out to.
Actually that is why I am being really nice to newbies, in the hope that
they will join and contribute.  This new guy does not like Page Templates.
He wants to use Jinja2.  I pointed him towards Megrok.Jinja.  I am
optimistic that he will migrate megrok.jinja to ztfy because he needs it
for his own purposes.  We have already walked through the code   There
are a few grok imports we still have to figure out how to get rid of.

See how easy it is to bring people into the fold!  I encourage you to be
nice to others.  It works!  And then when they need to, they contribute
open source software.
It is the only way it happens. 

Thanks again for the help with the Javascript question!

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