Chris Withers wrote:
>> One question remains: PAS seems to become "the standard" for
>> authentication,
> Really? It doesn't seem to be used too much from my perspective, which
> is a pity :-S

One of the reason I started horribly hacking around PAS (I can't remember if
i looked at SUF at the time... I did look at PUF and tried to use it for a
while, and XUF)... is because it looked like the way Zope 3 is going...
while PAS may or may not ever get traction on Zope 2 (probably depends if
it ever gets integrated)... for those interested heading towards Zope 3,
PAS may be more attractive to work with. That being said, I haven't yet
done any serious Zope 3 development, so this comment is somewhat
superficial. But just to let you know the reasoning for my choice... 

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